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CraftWork New York City

Monday 16th September 20249am‐5pm @ WorkHouse NYC

We're heading to Midtown Manhattan for our first American edition of Craft+Work. Join us for a lively day of discussion focused on building better Shopify-focused businesses. If you're a soloist, founder or leader working in the Shopify Partner ecosystem, this event is for you.

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What's Happening?

Craft+Work is an intimate (maximum 50 participants) day built around personal stories and group conversations.

The Craft+Work: London 2023 Cohort

Expect to get involved, share your ideas, and learn from others running Shopify-focused businesses on their own terms. Here's what your day will include:


Enjoy a pre or post event conversation, exchange a business card, or ink a deal with fellow attendees, all whilst enjoying some food and drink.

Guest Presentations

Short, focused, and personal insights from invited experts followed by a group Q & A session.

Hot Seats & Hot Topics

Your chance to come to the front, sit on a stool, and dig into a topic of your choosing with your host.

Conversation Stations

Small group discussions centred around two or three key questions. A great opportunity to meet new people and gain new perspectives.

Group Discussions

We'll dig into the topics that are affecting your business and professional development and see where it takes us.

Community Notices

Your opportunity to share your products and services or find experts to help you take your business to the next level.

Read up on what you missed in our previous event reports. Each one includes the themes of the day, key takeaways from the guest presentations, photos, and of course the event playlist.

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Who is it For?

Our Evening Sessions are open to anyone interested in building and growing an ecommerce, digital, or creative business. That said, you'll likely get more from the event if you own, run, or work in a business in the Shopify Partner ecosystem and identify as a soloist, founder or leader.

Here's our take on each of these jargony terms:

  • Shopify Partner Ecosytem — Businesses that exist due to the existence of the Shopify ecommerce platform. This includes individuals and agencies specialising in designing and building online stores, app developers, system integrators, ecommerce focused B2B and B2C marketers, SEO specialists, solutions architects, ecommerce strategists, copywriters, coaches, event organisers, and many more.
  • Soloist — You are your business. Whilst you might contract out some aspects of your day-to-day work (e.g. accounting), it's really just you and your wits. You probably wouldn't have it any other way, but you want, no need, to find ways to balance out sales, marketing, networking and doing the work.
  • Founder — You founded, or co-founded, a business that now has a team of people doing the work. Maybe that was the intention; maybe it was by accident. You likely find your days filled with 1-1s, sales calls, proposals and building relationships. You're constantly challenged by new problems and would value external insight and support.
  • Leader — You're a decision maker in a business. You occasionally get your hands dirty on a project but likely spend most of your days leading a team and helping the founders think bigger and more strategically. You would love to learn how other people operate and how you can develop your own leadership toolkit.

Not sure if you fit the bill then why not get in touch and let's find out.


Each edition of Craft+Work features invited presenters who have agreed to come along and share their personal stories and insights. Full details will be released as we confirm the lineup.

Previous presenters have included B2B marketing consultants, business advisors and coaches, ecommerce consultants, event marketing specialists, marketing consultants, operations experts, product managers, startup founders, Shopify agency founders, Shopify app developers, Shopify theme developers and storytelling experts


Events will be curated around themes highly relevant to anyone running or considering starting an Shopify-focused business. We'll cover many of the following areas but may venture into unknown territories, but that's part of the fun.


How can we leverage the power of branding to differentiate our businesses and leave a lasting impression on our clients and customers?

Clients & Customers

What strategies can we use to attract, retain and delight our clients and customers?


How can we become better leaders and help nurture creativity, foster innovation, and guide our teams to unprecedented success?


How do we make sense of competing marketing strategies and tactics to produce campaigns that really resonate with our clients and customers?


How do we position our businesses to gain a competitive edge and connect with our ideal clients and customers?


From double your rate Fridays to goldilocks pricing and beyond. There are so many ways to price your products and services, but what really works? Let's find out together.

Remote Work

Is remote work a threat to team culture, is it a fad, will we prosper or suffer from a lack of in-person connections? Remote work appears to be here to stay so how do we make it work?

Team Building

How can we empower teams to drive creativity, collaborate effectively, and create impactful and profitable work?


How do we leverage advances in technology like AI to help, not hinder, our businesses?

We may venture into unknown territories, but that's part of the fun.


Our day together will be spent at WorkHouse NYC. Situated in Midtown Manhattan it's easy to get to from all parts of the city and beyond.

Our home for the day will be The Screening Room. The day will start at 9 a.m. and we'll finish up at 5 p.m. and see where the night takes us!

Funky Red Chairs

The Screening Room — Our Home for The Day

Comfortable Seating!

The event is fully catered, so expect breakfast on arrival, lunch, and refreshments throughout the day as part of your ticket price.


21 West 46th Street
New York
New York 10036
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Here's what we have got planned. We'll kick off at 9 a.m. sharp to make the most of the day. NB: Exact timings and activities are subject to change as the programme develops.

Monday 16th September 2024
08.30 ‐ 09.00 Breakfast (Provided)
09.00 ‐ 10.30 In Session
10.30 ‐ 11.00 Morning Break
11.00 ‐ 12.30 In Session
12.30 ‐ 13.30 Lunch (Provided)
13.30 ‐ 15.00 In Session
15.00 ‐ 15.30 Afternoon Break
15.30 ‐ 17.00 In Session

Leave your laptop at home, switch off your phone, and enjoy a day of insightful and inspiring in-person discussion.

Pulse Survey

Before the event, we'll send out a short survey. It's designed to learn more about you, your business, and your challenges. Completing it as openly and honestly as possible will inform the conversations and topics we discuss on the day. Expect to see this in your inbox two weeks before the event.


Craft+Work events are made possible by the generous support of our Patrons. Please take a moment to learn more about them and their products and services.

If you're in the business of enabling Shopify-focused businesses, then Craft+Work is for you. Learn more about how becoming a Patron will help you connect with the community please download our 2024 prospectus.

Your Host

Craft+Work is run and hosted by Keir Whitaker — a UK-based business coach and consultant who specialises in helping Shopify-focused soloists, founders and leaders to stand out in the crowded ecommerce ecosystem and grow their businesses without hiring large teams.

Keir (left) hosting Craft+Work: London 2023

He's spent the last 20 years working in the web, tech, and ecommerce industries. He started out as a web developer, morphed into product marketing, was the second hire on Shopify's nascent Partnerships team and for the last five years, has been building his own coaching and consulting practice.

Today, he channels his knowledge and expertise into supporting Shopify-focused soloists, founders and leaders across the globe. Find out how Keir helps his clients on his coaching and consultancy website.

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